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  Financial Centre

Hello, and welcome.

As a non-profit fan organisation, we are fully aware that the openness of our financial operations is a foundation of our existence. Hence, at this site we will declare all financial-related expenditures exclusive to our daily operations, and financial support we have gained through various channels. This may include our domain costs, activity costs, and costs to pay for essential services.

All files are available as Comma-Separated Values (CSV) and Portable Document Format (PDF) format and can be downloaded 24/7 as long as our operation continues. Please be aware that all currency stated within these documents are Chinese Yuan (CNY), or exchanged to it according to exchanged rate at the time of occurrence if the clearance is done in another currency.


You may find our financial files below:

Please note that all resources listed above are licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0.